Embryonic Facial Development

3D models depicting embryonic development of the face. Based around Carnegie Stages 13-23, or 28-60 days after fertilization, respectively.

Created by yours truly.


Progress shot of lung modeling

Newest render of my lung modeling accomplished in Mudbox and imported/rendered in Maya. This is the result of adding Normal and Displacement maps from a lower polygon model in Mudbox. These models also include the diagphragm (modeled in Maya) as well as the trachea/bronchi/bronchioles/alveoli which can be seen in some of my other posts.

Black Grapes in Maya

Newest little one-day undertaking: project on subsurface scattering in Maya. The goal was to create a bundle of grapes, incorporating realistic translucency within the texture. Whether objects are man-made or found in nature, they usually have a translucent characteristic even if they seem opaque. Subsurface scattering is a rendering technique that allows for the simulation of light absorption similar to translucency. This project used the Misss Fast Simple Mental Ray material, and a whole lot of tweaking.

Example of light absorption and subsurface scattering within black grapes:

Neuron Field-Progress shot

More work has been done on my neuron modeling in Maya. I’m still working through materials and lights, etc. This render contains caustics, global illumination and final gathering. I can’t decide how I would like my materials…I’m stuck between picking something resembling bright electron microscope imagery or something a little more dark and mysterious.

~in progress~

Mouse embryo in Maya


Next project in the works: mouse embryo in Maya.

I’ve started by using a polygon sphere and adding a number of segments. As you can see, I also have an image plane in the scene which I am working against as a reference for shaping the mouse body. Using extrusions and reflection within the move tool, I have established this model so far…

Inserted some edge loops, and made extrusions for the arms and legs. I have also extruded the mouth inwards…

working on facial expressions using the subdivision level…

hands, eyes and feet modeled using edge loops and extrusions…now all that is left are the ears.

Mental ray materials added to the surfaces…lights, camera, rendering to come.