You know you’re a medical illustrator when…

…friends ask you to do skeleton makeup for a Lady Gaga “Born this way” inspired costume party:

I think my Master’s degree is really paying off…  

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King Tut: facelift via archaeological reconstruction

The boy king was been brought back to life thanks to the workings of anthropologists, scientists, and facial reconstruction artists. Paris-based forensic sculptor Elisabeth Daynès sculpted King Tut’s face with silicone, which is the same medium used for prosthetics here in my program. The facial measurements were determined via CT scans of the skeletal remains. I remember reading about this a couple of months ago, but rediscovered it while doing some more job researching. When I was a child I was obsessed with Egyptian antiquity and history, and I was all set on becoming an Egyptologist. Somewhere along the lines, I was redirected towards my love of art. This is amazing.

King Tuts new face