Anatomical Knees

Knee x-ray done in 3ds max and finished in photoshop:

Ink ‘n paint representation of an aneursymal arterial supply in the posterior leg. The material map “ink ‘n paint” was based off of other knee models in 3ds max:

I have finished the KNEE! Fully rendered and accomplished through 3ds max:


The Artist’s Studio

So after spending countless hours on any one project, I often times have to stop and take a look around at the evolution of my bedroom into a medical artist’s studio. To me, it is not unlike the scene of Russell Crowe in the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” where papers are splayed everywhere and he is crazily writing all over them. ¬†Well, that’s me. I am Russell Crowe. Except in my case I’m drawing anatomy all over my papers. The madness that ensues within his character isn’t far off either…And yes, those are real human bones.¬†