Surgical Illustration step of full removal of breast tissue during a Mastectomy.

Done in Photoshop:


Cancer of the colon-Max Brödel

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This is my reproduction of Max Brödel’s medical illustration of a cancerous colon. I used photoshop to paint an emulation of the original carbon dusted work. Max Brödel is often called the “father of medical illustration” after his coming to America and starting the John Hopkin’s Master’s program in Medical Illustration. His pupils then went on to start the other 3 programs, including the University of Chicago at Illinois which was founded by Tom Jones.

(Not just another) shoulder to cry on

Well here it is: my first graduate school project finished! My project entailed illustrating the anterior and posterior shoulder girdle. The anterior view contains three major ligaments in the shoulder: coracoacromial, acromioclavicular, and coracoclavicular (try saying that three times fast). The posterior view demonstrates all the muscles involved in the rotator cuff: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and I also added teres major, just for kicks.

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I’m starting to think I spend more time with dead people than alive people…

As a budding medical illustrator, I have seen my fair share of cadaver labs. As a matter of fact, this semester I probably spend more time with the cadaver I’m dissecting than any of my closest friends. I guess this style of living could fit easily under the phrase, “you know you’re a biology major when…” Despite the smell and the occasional spewing of fat globules, I have managed to artistically document some of my time in the cadaver lab via quick sketches. The following drawings were done during my undergraduate work at Augustana College in Rock Island, Il.

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