I’m going to have a child just so I can put them in skeletal garb like this, and thus beginĀ a nice and healthy stream of parent/child angst.

Honestly, why do babies get to have all the fun?

Skeleton onesie. From Spencer's stores, of course.


skeleton onesies from


Topshop grand opening in Chicago

Even those crazy Brits love anatomy. Who knew? I spent the past weekend meandering around downtown Chicago and decided to venture into the ever-new and ever-popularĀ  store, Topshop, located in the skeleton of an old Borders on Michigan Avenue. Found some interesting anatomical details in there, if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

My overall review of the store? Well, it will definitely bring out the.. um…eclectic…side in you. Can’t say I bought anything whilst in there, but I’ve definitely got my eye on the leopard-print onesie. Oh yea, it’s on my Christmas list…

Meanwhile, this is anatomically fun: