Embryonic Facial Development

3D models depicting embryonic development of the face. Based around Carnegie Stages 13-23, or 28-60 days after fertilization, respectively.

Created by yours truly.


The Carnegie Stages of Development

The Carnegie Stages of Development are the “gold standard” in the understanding and classification of individual embryo development. This includes 23 stages, throughout the first 60 days of embryonic growth after fertilization.

I have modeled out my embryo models from stages 13-23 because this is when vital facial development occurs. These models were used in my project research to understand cleft formation.

Master’s Research Project Underway

After months of grueling animation and research work, I have some in-progress updates. Doing research with fetal cleft palate development has left me with about a million morphing techniques via Maya and Mudbox. Here is an in-progress animation for one of my 7 fetal morphs at the moment. This is a demonstration of fetal growth during the Carnegie Stages of Development from about 3-10 weeks gestation. This animation is just a rough draft of the final outcome; I’m merely experimenting with textures and atmospheric flair.


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Honestly, why do babies get to have all the fun?

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