Dermatographia is a rare skin disorder in which the skin is extremely sensitive to touch. Following the slightest abrasion, the skin swells into raised, red welts that are sometimes itchy. Although it is unknown what causes this condition, it is thought to be an allergic reaction, lacking in the appropriate antigen.

This skin disorder can be an artist’s unique medium, as is the case for Ariana Russell, who showcases this disorder in her artwork:




Björk meets medical animation

Björk is releasing her much awaited album and ipad application, Biophilia, using the talents of medical artist and animator, Drew Berry, to showcase her newest musical undertakings.


Not only is this release an epic technological advancement, involving applications for fan use, it highlights a strangely symbiotic relationship between art, music and science. You can visit her vamped up official website complete with interactives paralleling her new direction.

One of the features on this album is titled, “Virus.” Björk has stated “virus is about the love between a virus and a cell, a symbiotic relationship: not femme fatale but virus fatale. in the app you can try to save the cell by fighting the virus, but to hear the whole song, the virus must win! and as with crystalline and cosmogony apps, virus also has lyrics, animation, musical score and essay.”

Here’s a small sampling of virus via youtube:

As well as a sampling of the application, Biophilia:


I’m going to have a child just so I can put them in skeletal garb like this, and thus begin a nice and healthy stream of parent/child angst.

Honestly, why do babies get to have all the fun?

Skeleton onesie. From Spencer's stores, of course.


skeleton onesies from

Topshop grand opening in Chicago

Even those crazy Brits love anatomy. Who knew? I spent the past weekend meandering around downtown Chicago and decided to venture into the ever-new and ever-popular  store, Topshop, located in the skeleton of an old Borders on Michigan Avenue. Found some interesting anatomical details in there, if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

My overall review of the store? Well, it will definitely bring out the.. um…eclectic…side in you. Can’t say I bought anything whilst in there, but I’ve definitely got my eye on the leopard-print onesie. Oh yea, it’s on my Christmas list…

Meanwhile, this is anatomically fun: